Slow Going

Israel rebuilds the temple after the exile and struggles against powerful opposition.

The LORD Hears

A few faithful kings are not enough to stop the exile, but God hears their prayer.

The LORD Sees

God values faithfulness and wholehearted devotion. He judges arrogance and pride.

Rely on God

Who should a leader turn to in times of need?

The Power of Blessings

The Queen of Sheba responds to Solomon’s blessings from God and we start 2 Chronicles.

Worthy of Praise

He was a shepherd, a poet, a warrior, a king… Still David only saw God as worthy of praise!

Family Tree

If you can pronounce all these names you’re one step ahead of me! We begin 1 Chronicles.

Unquentiable Wrath

The promised King Josiah comes and turns his people to God before their exile to Babylon.

Exile and Deliverance

Israel goes into exile and Judah is delivered for now, but Babylon will conquer them soon.

The Queenmothers

Beautiful and dangerous is a mother’s power to influence her children.

The Sight of Faith

The faithful see what the world calls impossible and their enemies are lead blindly to an end.