The Sight of Faith

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2 Kings 6 – 10

You may have heard the saying, “seeing is believing” and then if you’ve been aroound the church for very long you know that faith is believing in the unseen. Yet in these 5 chapters it seems that those who have faith are given sight to the wonders of God and those who don’t believe only become more blind.

The prophets gather together in chapter 6 to build a home for themselves, Elisha has gone with them. One of the men drops his axhead in the water and is very upset becuase he had borrowed it. Elisha throws a stick he cut on top of where the axhead sank and then the axhead floated to the surface.

The King of Aram is once again sending raiders out against Israel, but everytime he comes out to fight them Elisha warns the King of Israel where he is hiding. The Arameans become frustrated and finely go to find out who is giving them away. They discover it is Elisha and the King of Aram sends to have him killed. They surround the city where he is staying. Elisha’s servant got up early that morning and realized they were trapped.

“Oh, my lord, what shall we do?” the servant asked. “Don’t be afraid,” the prophet answered. “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” Then Elisha prayed, “O LORD, open his eyes so he may see.” Then the LORD opened his servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. As the enemy came down toward him, Elisha prayed to the LORD, “Strike these people with blindness.” So he struck them with blindness, as Elisha had asked.

2 Kings 6:15c-18

Then Elisha lead them into Samaria to the King so he could capture them. The King asks Elisha if he should kill them, but Elisha reminds him that he would not kill men he had captured in battle so he should feed them and let them go back to their master. After this Aram stops invading Israel.

Awhile later Aram again comes up against Israel besiging Samaria. The people are starving to the point that parents begin to eat their children. The King blames Elisha and sends to have him killed. Elisha instead let his know that since it is God who has done this, it is God who will lift it. By the next day food will again be very cheap and plentiful for all the households of Samaria. One of the officers of the king responds without faith saying that even if God opened the floodgates of heaven what the prophet has said cannot be true. Elisha tells him it is true, the officer will see it but will not eat any of it because of that sin. ¬†The enemy’s army is caused by God to hear a great army with horses and chariots coming up against them so they flee leaving all their supplies behind. When the camp is discovered what the LORD said would happen is true and the faithless officer is trampled at the gate.

Elisha had warned the Shunammite family to leave Israel when the famine was coming, that it would last for 7 years and then they could return. So the woman and her family lived among the Philistines for 7 years upon her return she came to the King to have her property restored. At that moment Elisha’s servant was telling the King about the woman’s son whom Elisha raised from the dead. When she comes in the servant proclaims to the King that this is that very woman. The King inquires of her about all that has been done for her then restores her land and all that it would have earned while they were gone.

More evil kings rise over Judah and Israel, but the time for Ahab’s line to be cut off has come. Jehu is anointed king in their place, he kills every last member of Ahab’s house and the all the priests of Baal, he also tears down all the temples and idols of Baal, but he continues to sin by worshipping the idols set up at Bethel and Dan. God tells him that his family will rule only to the fourth generation, becuase of all he has done against Ahab and the Baals but also because of his sin. Jehu rules and dies, his son Jehoahaz succeeds him.


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