A Life of Worship

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2 Samuel 21 – 24

Where 1 Samuel begins with prayer, songs, and celebration of what God has done, 2 Samuel ends in the same way. After all David has been through his last words and his life’s testimony focus completely on the incredible God he serves.

You would think that after all David went through in his life, being hunted by Saul, betrayed by his family, watching his children die or be harmed because of his own actions, and bearing the responsibility of a nation, that maybe he would resent God for all the hard times. It isn’t exactly like his life was ending in the place where it began. David had lost faith many times and brought destruction on both Israel and his house. Yet he never fails to turn God and his mercy. We may be at the end of David’s story but later on this year we’ll get to explore more of David’s songs and prayers during all the times of his life.

I know posting has been sporadic over the last couple of weeks, for that I apologize. Part of it was personal rebellion, being so busy it was hard to get up the energy or motivation to pour my heart out into these posts. For the next week it will remain sporadic as I’m going on a missions trip and don’t know what the internet connection will be like or how much time I’ll have. However, I am so excited about where we are now in the Bible, beginning 1 Kings, because I’ve read only bits and pieces of the books of Kings for Sunday School but never straight through. They also include some of my favorite characters from the Bible, King Solomon, Elijah, and Elisha. We’ll be talking a lot more about following God through difficult circumstances and about the responsibility of leadership.

I hope to take a few pictures on my missions trip and share with you the amazing things God does there! Because He always does amazing things!

God Bless and Keep you. Until next time my friends…





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