Love your Enemies

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2 Samuel 1 – 5

Today is going to be a little less summary and little more personal growth.

David does become king, but only after his enemies die one by one. They are taken out by their own selfishness, greed and evil intentions. David mourns for each and every one of them. He ecpecially grieves for the deaths of Saul and Jonathan. The man who delivered the news that they were dead claimed that he himself had killed Saul thinking David would be pleased and reward him. His only reward is a death sentence for raising his hand against the LORD’s anointed, a sin David himself refused to commit.

I am in awe of this man and all the others we’ve read about like him. They have everything ripped away from them, they betrayed again and again, the people who should love them abbandon them and their enemies stand as giants in their path for most of their lives. Yet they forgive, they trust, and they live with this unspeakable passion for God and people. How??? How is this possible? The Holy Spirit came upon both David and Saul according to the Bible, but only David followed after God with his whole heart. David makes mistakes, don’t get me wrong, but even then he is trusting God for redemption and salvation.

My life is not hard compared with many of you out there. I’ve seen it in some of your blogs. Still my stuggles are real to me, and my giants just as impossible feeling. I don’t think I have the power yet to truly love my enemies like David loved his or like Christ loves us. ¬†Most days waking up means to war, not just the people around me who pit themselves as my enemies, but also myself. Because if I don’t hold every moment in the back of my head in a balance, what would Jesus do? Then I don’t want to know what will happen. This rage inside of me, I’ve kept it down so long I feel like I’m drowning. My Mom told me this isn’t a very godly attitude to have and I agree with her. It’s just that I’ve trusted so long, I have no one but Him to cling to and I’m still losing this battle. The battle is His, yes! I hear you! So could someone please to me why I haven’t seen atleast one victory yet?

Yeah, just keep waiting. God has my best interests in mind just like with Joseph, David, Moses, the Israelites, Hannah, etc… God help me then. I don’t have the strength to do this on my own. God help me then. I don’t have patience enough to endure. God help me then. I don’t love enough to truly forgive. God help me then. My Rock of Salvation lead me to safe harbor. If the storm can’t pass now then God help me! I’ll never survive this fight alone…

I’m sorry if this post is vague and a little off topic. But these are the thoughts of my heart while pouring over what God has done for David. How David has responded to God and everyone else in his life no matter the circumstances. I long to be more like him and the God we both serve.


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