The Trip to Quimby

A brief summary of what I have learned on our missions trip to Qimby, Iowa.

Ask for Wisdom

If God ever tells you to ask Him for whatever you want and He’s give it to you: ask for wisdom!

A Life of Worship

We finish 2 Samuel today and talk a little about how David lived his life for God.


The consequences for David’s sin lead to the destruction of many lives.

Love your Enemies

David is an excellent example of this command. Which is good because it’s my greatest struggle

The End of a Reign

Everything comes full circle at Saul’s death as David destroys the Amalekites.

The Wisdom of Abigail

David and Abigail teach who is the one that gives justice to our enemies. Hint: Not us!

Patience and Obedience

God rejects Saul as king and appoints a man after His own heart to take Saul’s place.