The Conquest part 2

*image reused fromĀ The Conquest part 1

Joshua 16 – 20

The Israelites are doing well so far in taking over their inheritance. Judah, Gad, Ephraim and Manasseh are settled in the promised land.

Seven tribes are left hesitating to take their allotment so Joshua has them send out 3 surveyors from each tribe into each of the seven parts of the land that remain and write up a description of what they find there. When they return the Israelites cast lots before God to decide which tribes will take which portion.

Not all the tribes of Israel drive out the Canaanites completly, but the ones that remain are required to do forced labor.

Every person who had special claims in the promised land are honored. Caleb, Joshua’s fellow spy, receives his portion in Horeb. The daghters of Zelophehad receive their inheritance among their brothers. Finally Joshua receives the city of his choice and the Tent of Meeting remains at Shiloh.

Even when Joseph’s two tribes, Ephraim and Manasseh, come to Joshua saying that they don’t have enough land for their number of people it is provided that they go up and conquer the hill country also for their inheritance.

After all this has been decided God comes to Joshua again and reminds him to designate cities of refuge so that when someone kills there neighbor unintentionally they can be safe until their trial and the High Priest of that day is dead. Then the guilty person can return home and the avenger of blood will not have taken their life since the neighbor was killed by accident.

How amazing is it that the people are focused on dividing the plunder and the land for themselves, but God’s priority is mercy?

What is going to be conquered in Canaan for now has been conquered.

Since God has fulfilled His good promise to them from centuries past, is there any doubt that when Israel fails to follow Him, He will keep His promises of judgement and grace?


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