Give Your First and Best

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Deuteronomy 16 – 20

Today we begin by reviewing the festivals that the Israelites are to celebrate to the LORD: The Feast of Unleavened Bread otherwise known as the Passover, The Feast of Weeks, and The Feast of Tabernacles. Each celebration is to remember all God has done for them and celebrate how He is blessing them still.

Now there are roles that will need to be filled for this new country to grow and prosper.

The Judges

These are appointed by the people to judge between any disputes that may arise and to sentence the guilty party according to what the law requires. The must not show partiality. They must not accept bribes. They must follow justice and justice alone if the nation is to prosper.

The King

All Kings are appointed by God. He must not be a foreigner. He must not acquire for himself a great number of horses. He must not take the people along the route to Egypt to attain these horses for the people are never to return that way again. He must not have a great number of wives because they will turn his heart away from God. He must not accumulate large amounts of silver or gold. He is to copy down the law for his own personal use, read it daily, and apply it to his life that he may have reverence for the LORD. He is not to consider himself better than the people. Then he and his descendants will reign a long time over Israel.

Priests and Levites

They may serve wherever the LORD leads them. In every town, they are to be afforded the benefits of their inheritance which comes from the people’s sacrifices to God.

The Prophet

This person will be the mouthpiece of God to the people. If he says anything that does not come true then he is not from God and the people should not fear him. The prophet will be raised up from among them because they cried out to Moses at Mount Horeb asking him to speak to God and relate the message back to them so that they would no longer hear His voice or see the fire and die.

The People

The people can fill many roles from that of an accidental murderer to soldier to a witness of a crime. For each specific instructions are given. The accidental murderer will have a city of refuge. The soldier is to destroy totally the nations nearest Israel but may take living plunder further from home. The witness must not be malicious or they will have done to them what they intended for the one they accused. Most importantly all the people must follow God and walk in His ways all the days of their lives. They are not to worship Him as if He were like the false gods the nations they are driving out bow down to. They must not worship those gods. The LORD alone will bless them and give them victory over their enemies. He alone is worthy of their worship. He alone is to be given the first fruit of their blessing and only from the very best. Anything sacrificed to Him must be without fault, without blemish. His people are to give nothing less.


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