The One Place

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Deuteronomy 10 – 15

In the desert, the Israelites could go to God wherever they were. The tabernacle came with them so, their access to Him was never very far away. It will be different in the promised land one they have settled there. Then God will choose one place where they can come to fulfill all that He has commanded them. If they live too far away there are instructions here regarding those circumstances, but it doesn’t excuse those Israelites from sacrifice or worship.

They are not to neglect the Levites or the poor living among them. Instead, they are commanded to give generously without holding a grudge. All debts will be canceled every seventh year including the debt of slavery. If a slave desire not to leave their master’s household their ear is to be pierced making them slaves for life.

The urgency is rising for the people to hear and understand the way in which God will have them live in the land. Moses says many times in these chapters that the time for them to possess the land is very near so they must listen and obey now!


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