Last Words

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Deuteronomy 1 – 5

Most of us probably think of “last words” as maybe the last sentence a dying person says. This is accurate, so as you read this book along with me think of it as one really long final sentence. Moses has some things that this next generation of Israelites need to know and remember.

Moses begins by reviewing what God has done for them. He brought them out of Egypt, cared for them in the desert, revealed Himself to them, gave them His law, and gave them victory over their enemies. Not only has He kept His promises so far to them, He has kept His promises of inheritance to Esau and Lot. However, to Israel alone has He given Himself!

Because of this, the Israelites are to follow God and keep His commandments. Moses reminds them of what these were and how they received God’s law. Yet, he doesn’t stop there! Moses then begins explaining the law and the duty of the judges in upholding it.

If you were to die tomorrow what would you tell your loved ones? What do you want them to remember above all else from your life?

Moses doesn’t talk a whole lot about himself. Except to blame the people for not being able to cross the Jordan and enter the promised land. He places the guilt on their whining and not on his losing faith when he disobeys God and strikes the rock instead of speaking to it.

Where would you cast blame for your life decisions? Would it be your own responsibility or that of someone else because like the people to Moses, they made you angry?


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