The Inheritance

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Numbers 31 – 36

God has a few last tasks for Moses before he ascends Mount Nebo to die. The first of which is to send the Israelites out to take revenge on the Midianites, King Balak’s people. They do so, killing every single male of that people. Moses is angered that they didn’t also kill the women that tempted the Israelites to sin and caused the most recent plague. So he commands them to kill all the women that have slept with a man. Then the Israelites offer of their plunder to God. On top of that the commanders of the army come to Moses saying that because God allowed them the victory without a single casualty each man would like to present the gold of their plunder to God in thanksgiving. Moses agrees to this, even then the wealth of the plunder overflows to the people just as Balaam prophesied. However, because it was Balaam’s suggestion that the women of Midian tempt the Israelites, he too was killed in the battle. At this point, the tribes of Reuben and Gad come to Moses seeing that the land on the east side of the Jordan was good for grazing, they desire that this land be given to them for their inheritance. Moses at first disagrees thinking, these cowards just want to avoid the battle ahead and are losing faith again! These rebellious people will never make it into the promised land! The two tribes then swear that they too will cross the Jordan and drive out their enemies from the land of their brothers’ inheritance, but then they should be allowed to return to this side of the Jordan to claim their inheritance here. Moses agrees, but only if they keep their promise.

Next Moses has been commanded to write down the stages in the Israelites journey. So we get to see each place they camped and the significant events that Moses includes for some of those places.

Lastly, he completes the division of the inheritance for the Israelites. He gives them directions as to cities of refuge for unintentional murderers. He finishes the law concerning Zelophehad’s daughters who will inherit because their father had no sons. Property divided here among the tribes is not to be transferred to another tribe. Therefore, daughters who inherit must marry from among their own tribe.



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  1. cpluzc says:

    No promise last for 500 years or so


    1. God promised Canaan to Abraham then that promised passed to Isaac, then to Jacob, then the Israelites were slaves in Egypt for 400 years, after that they wandered 42 years in the desert. So the promise kept began somewhere between 500 and 700 years before the Israelites conquered the promised land. God keeps His promises no matter gow long it takes!


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