The Next Generation

*image originated here

Numbers 26 – 30

It has been 40 years since God forbid the arrogant generation He brought out of Egypt to enter the promised land, condemning them to wander in the desert for the rest of their lives. During that time they rebelled against Him again and again, but they also saw God provide for them in every possible way and drive out their enemies for them.

Now their children stand once more at the edge of the promised land. Moses is commanded to take a second census. With that complete, God informs Moses that his time has come. Moses is to go up on the mountain so God can show him the promised land before He takes him home as punishment for Moses’ rebellion in striking the rock. Moses only asks that a leader be appointed in his place to shepherd God’s people. Joshua, one of the original spies who entered the promised land ahead of the first generation, is chosen to take Moses’ place.

Joshua is to be brought before Eleazar the priest and there Moses will transfer some of his authority to this new leader. Moses does exactly as God says.

Lastly God has Moses remind the Israelites about all God has commanded them concerning sacrifice, celebration, and promises. The everlasting covenant between the LORD and His chosen nation.


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