The Camp

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Numbers 1 – 5

The Lord has Moses take a census of all the able-bodied men in Israel. He then gives each of the Levite clans their tasks for taking care of the tabernacle. Each division is given their¬†sleeping arrangments. This isn’t very interesting when you’re first reading through it. But, look at it this way, when you’re gearing up for a battle you find out what resources you have available and secure anything valuable. These men are now ready and waiting for whatever enemy they’re going to meet while entering the promised land. In the last chapter, it talks about what to do when a man suspects his wife of adultery. He is to take her to the temple with a grain offering of jealousy. The priest then takes that offering with one small quirk. The woman is made to drink the bitter waters of a curse. If she is guilty in the eyes of God she will never have children. If she is innocent then the curse passes from her. The responsibility for the woman’s adultery falls solely on her, the man who was in it with her is not punished. This is one place I’m right there with the feminists, he’s guilty of an obvious wrong too. Why shouldn’t he be punished? Only God can answer that, either way, He is just and has even this circumstance under His control.


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