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Leviticus 26 – 27

Up till now, God has given the law to Moses for the people to follow and enforce. They are the ones judging over crimes and handing down punishment. In Ch. 26 that changes. God tells His people that if they refuse to follow Him and uphold His laws then He Himself will punish them. In fact, He promises to make them totally desolate and drive them out of the land He is giving them to be enslaved to their enemies. Even here God is merciful, He swears never to forget that they are His people and when they are driven out He will take care of them wherever they are.

Just as God keeps His promises to His people, His people are to keep their promises. There He has made a way to redeem those promises with interest. God’s standard is harsh, but His mercy is great! Following the law is not just an act of obedience for the Israelites, it is a measure of faith. Faith that God will take care of them when they sacrifice their last penny, their last bit of food. Faith that God will provide for them when they rest the land and themselves as He has commanded. Faith that God will do as He says both in mercy and judgment.

Do we trust God enough to follow these laws? Will the Israelites?

Spoiler Alert: They don’t and I don’t think that we do either. Praise God that He has promised to be merciful and care for us even when He is punishing us for our unbelief!


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