God’s Tenants

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Leviticus 21 – 25

“The land must not be sold permanently, because the land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants.”

Leviticus 25:23

Leadership is a powerful thing. Everyone is watching what you do and say. When God chose Aaron’s family to lead Israel as God’s servants, that meant not only would Isreal hold them to a higher standard, so would God. For this reason, He makes even more specific rules regarding the way they are supposed to live.

Enough rules already! Now God gives the festivals that are to be celebrated for the people to rest and draw near to Him so He can bless them.

One of these festivals is The Year of Jubilee to be celebrated once every 50 years. In this year everyone is to return to their original family home, slaves are redeemed, and the land is rested. God help our unbelief! He answers the people’s question before they even have to ask… what we will eat in the resting year if we do not plant crops for harvest? God promised He would bless them with more than enough for 3 years in the one before the resting year so they would be provided for until the next harvest. He tells them that all He has said must be done because He is the Lord.

The verse I included above especially struck me. God doesn’t just own the land. He owns our money, our homes, our clothing, our food, our families. All that we have belongs to Him! With that knowledge in mind, it becomes self-evident that the only reason we need to follow God’s law is that He has commanded it regarding everything that is already His. Anything that would be sacrificed, was already His. His to provide and His to take away. He said in yesterday’s chapters that the Israelite’s must not defile the land with their sin as the nations before the Israelites had done or the land would vomit them out. Basically, He says that He is giving them this land as He had promised, but it is still His land and if they don’t obey His law for that land and their nation then He will drive them out of it just as He brought them in!

God has provided many wonderful things for us no matter where we live. Are we giving back the sacrifice He has deemed appropriate? How much do we take these blessings for granted?


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