Out of This World

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Leviticus 16 – 20

“You are to be holy to me because I, the LORD, am holy, and I have set you apart from the nations to be my own.”

Leviticus 20:26

At this point in history, the law applied only to the Israeli people. When Christ died, He extended the choice of becoming one of His people to everyone. Therefore, to have a right relationship with God you would have to fulfill all of these laws. It is clear to me that, that is an impossible task if I were to try and do that alone. God knew this, which is why Christ’s sacrifice also was the atonement and final fulfillment of the law on our behalf.

There is is still a choice to be made.

a. follow God

b. don’t follow God

Becoming a Christian means that you’ve recognized that you are living in violation of this law. Therefore, you agree that the laws laid down by God are just and that for breaking them you deserve the final judgment. You don’t get to pick and choose which laws you agree with or don’t. Following God is all or nothing, He won’t take just part of you! You must come in full surrender at the knowledge of your guilt.

God goes back in these chapters and basically says, here if you were confused by what I specifically meant in the 10 commandments I’m going to make it really clear for you, then you will be without excuse for your failing to follow Me. The punishment for sin is death, sin is a choice, and that bloodshed because of your sin is your own fault.

That is a harsh reality. If you are a Christian and you don’t know what God’s law says, I beg you to read these chapters. Unlike many of our pastors and priests today, God doesn’t skirt around the issues. He says straight out what He expects, then it is on you to choose to follow Him, to trust Him. He doesn’t change His mind later and say now these things are acceptable to me. No! They are as wrong today as they were yesterday. He includes lying, stealing, incest, adultery, and homosexuality as sins punishable by death.

There is good news! God didn’t want us to continue living broken lives in opposition to Him. He didn’t want death to be our finishing place. He sent His son as our perfect atoning sacrifice. That sacrifice, like the scapegoat on Atonement Day, temporarily removed the guilt from Israel, eternally removes the guilt from all of the people who surrender their lives to Him and acknowledge the holiness of His law that they have broken.

If you don’t agree with God’s law or that you have broken it in any of these ways. Then you’ve chosen not to follow Him. That is your choice, but there are no two ways about it, you cannot live in opposition to God and still claim you follow Him. Why would you? If you don’t agree with what God says is holy and what is wrong, then why would you say you follow Him ( in essence stand on His side in agreement with His standards)? You don’t and being around people who do has to be frustrating and miserable! After all, you think they’re wrong, but you can’t say that because you’re pretending to be one of them.

I would encourage you if you are one of those people, you believe in God, but you don’t agree with Him, to realize that you are without excuse. You are absolutely free to disagree and to choose a life in opposition to Him, just knowing He is real should truly terrify you in that case. Because He will stand in judgment of this world. You are guilty according to His standards. He offered you mercy and you chose your own destruction. Don’t blame God that people go to Hell, you even think some of them should. Instead, blame their choice to disagree with God’s standard. It is a choice. You can be free of that guilt, God will not refuse any who come to Him for mercy! However, you don’t have to and what happens to you after that is your own fault. It is the punishment you have earned for being at war with God.

We face harsh truths. You can follow God or be His enemy. Your choice.


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