The Bible’s Health code

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Leviticus 11 – 15

These chapters begin with what the Israelites are and are not allowed to eat. A few of these would be terribly sad for me at least: bacon, shrimp, calamari. There is also the command for when you touch unclean things you need to wash your hands, possibly your clothes, and probably the rest of you too!

It deals with skin diseases and mold of all kinds. In a camp with thousands of people, either of these could quickly turn into quite the nightmare when they spread.

It addresses purification after a woman gives birth.

Finally, it talks about bodily discharges that cause you to be unclean as well. It refers to men first, then to women on their period, and lastly to both when they’ve had a sexual encounter. If you have one of these things going on, afterward you are to wash yourself, your clothes, your bedding and anything else that came into contact with your discharge.

To become clean again in all these situations once you’ve come into contact with something that makes you otherwise, you must show yourself to a priest and make the guilt and sin offerings to God for atonement.

From the outside, especially in those days, these rules would seem hyper-religious and silly. From today’s viewpoint, a lot of this is common sense with the medical advancements we have made. Even the food they are instructed they can and cannot eat is proven to be the healthiest lifestyle choice a person can make. So, before any or our advancements in science and technology to say that these guidelines would keep people healthy and prevent the spread of disease, God was looking out for His people in the laws He formed for them.

God always has our best interests in mind, even when what He asks us to do seems trivial or silly. Is there anything in your life He asked you to take care of that you’ve ignored for these reasons?


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