National Day of Prayer 2017

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President Donald J. Trump declared today a National Day of Prayer for the United States. He signed an executive order that made some pretty strong moves against the long-held separation of church and state. After reading this policy from the Whitehouse’s own page I believe it is important for everyone in this country to know where they stand on each of the issues presented.

  1. The Executive branch’s stepped up commitment to protecting freedom of speech and peaceful gathering for worship
  2. The Church’s “right” to participate monetarily or in other forms of support in political campaigns
  3. The protection of conscientious objectors, mainly businesses, who do not want to pay for certain healthcare benefits such as birth control because of their religious beliefs

I am not sure if there are any right answers here, but I do know that many Christians and non-Christians alike are upset because of these changes along with the healthcare reform being deliberated in congress today.

We are so worried in this nation about political upheaval, environmental changes, and world tragedies that we have stopped caring about people. Christians have stopped sharing with people what is most important, Jesus’ love and sacrifice for all!

I know two things for sure today. Whether you like this current administration or not we are commanded to pray for those in authority that they would honor God and that God would give them wisdom. Second, God is in control. We may not like it or maybe we do, either way, God put Donald J. Trump in power and you can bet that the ruler of the Universe is far above the ruler of the “free world”! If it is His plan He will take Donald J. Trump out of power again. Maybe that is in four years, maybe it’s sooner or later. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that God’s people choose to serve Him no matter what administration they’re living under!

Pray, Pray, Pray America! Don’t do it because DJT declared a national day for it. Do it because God said to come to Him continually, He alone could heal our land, and He alone can give us peace!


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