God Provides

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Leviticus 6:8-10:20

God has called Aaron and his sons to serve as priests. With all of the duties corresponding to that calling they wouldn’t have time to grow food or hunt for meat. God knows this and takes care of them through the allottedĀ portion they are to receiveĀ from every sacrifice.

God provides the way for His people to find forgiveness for their sins and redemption as they try to live by the law.

God provides the way for His people to have a right relationship with Him.

God is as consistent in His mercy as He is in judgment.

Aaron loses two of his sons because they disobey God, but God still provides Aaron’s families a way to grieve in the midst of their work.

There have been a lot of rules, laws, and guidelines laid down in the last week or so of our readings. So many have been given that we could never hope to remember or follow them all. Yet, that is exactly what God expects. He has now provided the way through Himself that we can live in the fulfillment of the law and restored to a right relationship with Him even when we break that law. Jesus covers the cost. That doesn’t mean you have free rein as a believer to go out and live in sin, on the contrary, your faith will be shown in the way that you choose to follow God’s path and obey His commandments.

How do you see this in your own life today?


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