My 19th Birthday!!!

*image originated here

Birthdays’s have always been a bit of a big deal for me. I don’t know why but, just being able to celebrate how God has been working in a person’s life and how much they’ve grown over the years has more meaning in it than all the presents and well wishes. Many people stop celebrating their birthday after so many years and some people don’t celebrate at all. My Great-Aunt Earlene is one of those people who calls every year on my Birthday, she sends a card and lets me know that I am loved. Yet, when it comes time for her birthday (at least when I was younger) no one seemed to pay much attention. She didn’t even get a party! This was unforgivable to my younger self so with my Grandma’s help we put together a wonderful surprise party just for my Aunt. I’m still not very good at keeping up with everyone’s birthdays on Facebook or on calling every family member on their special day. It means all the more to me now that even when I forget some of them, they still take the time every May 2 to show me I’m loved. The cards I keep in a¬†box where I can get into it on a really hard day, those notes of celebration and caring encourage me to grow through another hard year!

I Love You all and Thank You for so much support! If I missed your day this year, Happy Belated Birthday and God Bless You!


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