God is With Them

*image originated here

Exodus 36 – 40

For the next week and a half, I’ll be swimming in the horrors of final papers, projects, and presentations. There are so many details to remember and things to be finished, a lot of the time I feel more like just quitting or taking a nap. However, God has given me the academic skill to have made it this far, it would be shameful to give up now when so many others don’t have the education opportunities that have been handed to me.

It is easy then for me to understand the feeling Bezalel, Oholiabm the craftsmen, workmen, and Moses felt when they had finally finished the Tabernacle. Moses blessed them when he inspected their finished work and found that all had been done just the way God had commanded.

One finished project is only the beginning¬†for these people. The same as finishing finals is only a stepping stone in my life and education. What’s wonderful is that once this project of opening the door of their lives the right way for God to come, He lives among them and leads them every moment for the rest of their journey. Now God lives in the hearts of those who have surrendered their lives to Him. When we live in total surrender we don’t need to worry about whether we need to continue our education, what job we will get afterward or how limited our resources seem to accomplish all the goals we have in our life. God will lead us in every moment for the rest of the journey until we reach our promised land, in Heaven with Him!


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