Details, Details, Details…

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Exodus 26 – 30

Today’s chapters are full of the descriptions and directions for building the tabernacle that God would use to live among the people of the desert until the completion of the temple some decades later. It also as the specifics for the clothing and tools of the priesthood. The family to whom this special calling is given is that of Aaron and his sons. The final set of details is the way in which these priests are to be consecrated for their task and what their everyday duties will be.

I am not going to repeat all these details. However, I think one of the really important things that we can take away from all these really specific instructions on the place of God and how He is to be approached, show just how Holy He is. It is not a casual thing to come before the Almighty Creator of the universe! He has the power of life and death over you. Therefore, when the priests bear the sins of this entire nation into the presence of God they better be coming in the right way with the right attitude or they will be given the punishment for those sins. Though the Bible hasn’t directly stated yet that the punishment for sin is death, I think it’s becoming obvious.

a. the punishment for eating the forbidden fruit in the garden was death

b. for all of the laws just stated if there isn’t a blood sacrifice made or a redemption price paid the punishment for all crimes is death

c. in the details for how to approach God and why it must be done exactly as He says the punishment for failing to follow those instructions is death

What an incredible contrast that even while God is making a way for His people to draw near and walk in a right relationship with Him, God still can not ignore their sin because He is also just and must punish that sin. What is wonderful is that God has now made the way to Him permanent through His perfect son who also intercedes for us night and day as our High Priest. Because of His perfect atoning sacrifice, no one in Christ needs to fear to come to God ever again. This doesn’t mean that coming to God should now be a casual thing. It should be in awe and respect for who He is and what He has done for us. He is love and mercy. He is also justice and avenger. We can never fully comprehend the greatness of God but, we can stop coming to Him like He can’t take care of us, our families, our nation or our world! He made, He’s working out His plan in it and you can be certain without a doubt that no matter how bad things get God has everything under control.

Have a blessed Sunday God-lovers sorry this post was so late


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