God Lays Down The Law

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Exodus 21 – 25

Besides the 10 commandments God gives the Israelites laws and the consequences for breaking them in every area of their life. From beastiality, witches and muderers to thieves and personal injury, the person found guilty must be put to death, be redeemed or make the required restitution for the crime. Now, this is where many Christians and unbelievers alike get caught up in how many rules there are for living God’s way. If you really follow all of these how could you ever possibly have any fun? There are 3 things I’ve taken away from these chapters and a life in the protestant church.

1) God’s rules are made so you can have fun in the right way

2) When you’re living life God’s way and something happens that brings you into dispute with another over a broken law, you are protected.

3) The laws were made to show humanity how to live and how they could never fulfill that whole standard, because of this we know in out hearts that we need a redeemer to stand for us before God and fulfill that law in our place.

The law is like a mirror showing us again and again how our perfect relationship with God is broken, the sacrifices the Israelites are commanded to give in order to have a right relationship with God are a temporary solution pointing to the day when He would sacrifice His own perfect son, Jesus Christ, as the only one who could save us forever from judgement making us blameless (without wrondoing) in God’s eyes.

Praise God He made a way to fulfill the law for us!


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