Simple Instructions

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Exodus 16 – 20

God has provided water now His people whine for food. In His infinite patience He gives them manna and quail from heaven. Ge brings them through the desert by this food for 40 years until they reach the land of Canaan. On the way there God fulfills His promise to Moses that He would bring him back o the mountain where he saw the burning bush. It is here that God gives His people the laws they are to live by. We know them as the 10 Commandments. Before tgis Jethro, Moses’s father-in-law, comes to him with Moses’s wife and children. He also gives Moses very goood advice on dividing the labor of settling all thesearguement, which Moses quickly agrees to do. The people of Israel continue to forget all God has done for them, they don’t follow the instructions God gives them. Then He asks them when they plan on following His simple instuctions that He has laid out for their good! We are no better than they are even when God provides us our daily needs. When was the last time God told you to do something and you didn’t follow through? What did it cost you? Thank God for His mercy that He continues to provide for us anyway!


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