The Big Move

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Genesis 11 – 15

How great is our God! He promised Abraham nearly 500 years before His redemption of Israel that his descendants would be enslaved in Egypt for 400 years then God would hear them and deliver them. Our time is not God’s time. Our way is not God’s way. Today we read of the final plague that comes upon Egypt. Each of the firstborn sons of every Egyptian family dies but, God provides a way for the Hebrew sons to be spared through sacrifices on their behalf. Notice that if the Hebrew family did not trust God and did not make the sacrifice the son would still die. Parents, imagine what insane despair this final plague was for the Egyptians!

Another note is that this is the first festival God commands His people to celebrate to remember His mercy in passing them over during the judgment of Egypt. It wasn’t that the people of Israel didn’t deserve the same punishment that their enemies were suffering, it was that God had set them aside as an example of His mercy and power for the whole world to see and fear Him.

In our day and age where we see so few miracles like the ones displayed at the time of Exodus in Egypt, it is inconceivable that either the Egyptians or the Israelites would forget what God has just done. Yet, the Israelites get three days into the desert and Egypt forgets its destruction so they go after the Israelites to bring them back. When the Israelites see this they forget God’s mercy and cry out that it would have been better for them to die in Egypt than die there in the desert. God again is merciful. He makes a way for them to go through the Red Sea on dry land then swallows up the Egyptians that follow them in.

Absolutely they praise God after this mighty work of salvation! However, their praise lasts only a moment before they focus again on their problems and not on The One who provides their solution. They complain to Moses for water. God leads them to a bitter spring that He then heals so the Israelites can drink from it.

How great is our God! He abounds in mercy! Do not think that you or I would be any more full of remembrance in our troubles than the Israelites were. Test yourself now… When was the last time you were in need and God provided? When was the last time you were sick and God brought you through it? When was the last time you grieved and God wept with you only to bring you joy in its time? Now, look at the troubles you have today… Do you remember The LORD who is with you?

Thank Him for the everlasting patience He shows us day by day even though we constantly forget the truth and power of His grace!


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