The Justice of God

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Exodus 6 – 10

It is a hard thing to write about God’s judgment. For most people, especially Christians, we want to talk about the loving and forgiving God who sent His son to die for us. This God who would dare to judge us for our wrongdoing is foreign. Perhaps this is why the western churches teach as they do. ( I can say nothing of the east, I’ve never been there) Here in the west many churches teach that God only wants our happiness, once you are saved you can live however you please God will always take you back and you’re going to Heaven now anyway right, or they teach that there are many truths/ many paths to salvation one only has to choose which “morality” they’re willing to live with. Woe to you who believe these lies. Certainly, there is a half truth in each thought just presented but, these are what make the most convincing and evil deceptions.

The God of the Hebrews and the Christians has provided mercy through salvation by His son Jesus Christ because He knows the extent of the justice we deserve! Looking at these first 9 plagues in our chapters today we know that Egypt was devastated by them not one living thing escaped God’s wrath whether it was a plant, animal, or human being. Yet, even these horrific plagues have no comparison with the judgment that is coming both in the end times and in Hell. There is one way to receive¬†God’s mercy and that is through His son Jesus Christ. Then you must lay aside the slave to sin you were before, you are a new creation, designed to walk with and serve The Almighty God.

This is God’s mercy: He told Pharaoh and He has told us what the cost is for our wrongs. This warning gives us the choice to choose God’s justice or His mercy. Either way, it is your choice just as it was Pharaoh’s whether he would listen and obey God or not. Like the firstborn sons of the Egyptians that we will read about tomorrow, we are not promised that, that tomorrow will ever come. Do not delay in turning to Christ! Each breath you draw could be your last…


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