I Am Sends a Deliverer

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Exodus 1 – 5

In the first few chapters of Exodus we learn that 400 years have passed while the Israelites have become a great nation in Egypt. Because of their population the Egyptians were afraid of them rising up with their enemies so they enslaved them. Still God blessed them and their numbers grew. Pharaoh tried to stop this by having the midwives kill all the Hebrews’ sons but, the midwives did not obey and their numbers grew. The new order was given to all the Egyptian people that if sons were born to Israelite women the baby boys were to be thrown into the Nile. One brave mother hid her son for three months and when she could hide him no longer, placed him in a basket in the river. Pharaoh’s daughter came out to bathe and discovered the basket with the baby inside. She felt sorry for him, the servant with her asked if she should find one of the Hebrew women to nurse him and the princess agreed. The servant brought the baby’s mother, who nursed him for Pharaoh’s daughter until he was weaned. Then she returned him to the palace where the princess raised him as her own and named him Moses because she had drawn him out of the water. Moses grows up kills an Egyptian who is beating an Israelite, tries to break up another fight between two Hebrews which they don’t appreciate and ask if he is going to kill them too, and Pharaoh tries to kill him when he finds out all of this. Moses leaves Egypt and winds up in Midian where he is adopted by marriage into the family of the high priest, Jethro. There he has two sons by his wife Zipporah. God comes to Moses one day while he is tending his flocks in the form of a burning bush. It is here that God instructs Moses in how He will save Israel from the Egyptians and give them Canaan as their inheritance. Moses asks a lot of questions. Amazingly God answers all of them up to the very end where Moses insists God still has the wrong person for the job. God is mad at Moses but, he offers that Aaron (Moses’s Hebrew brother) should help Moses deliver God’s messages to Pharaoh and the Israelites. Moses returns with his family to Egypt.

What we should take away from the start of Moses’ story is that God is merciful even in our weakness. God will provide all that we need to complete His calling. I might just be a simple blogger and my words may lack all eloquence, but God can use these things that are worthless by themselves to work powerfully in the hearts and souls of people around the world. God hears us in our suffering and he cares enough to do something about it even if we don’t know His plan to deliver us at the time.

Our God is great! Whether you are serving Him in a hostile nation where life could be the ultimate price of your faith or in America where you are still free to worship Him openly, God will meet you in your hour of need. No problem is too great or too small for our God! He is the God who delivered an entire nation from slavery and gave them their land of promise their inheritance for all time… do not put Him in a box and think that He is not great enough to deliver you too!


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