Promised Forgiveness

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Genesis 46 – 50

Today we finish Genesis. The last five chapters see Jacob and his family move to Egypt. Jacob blesses his sons after being reunited with Joseph and knowing that he will die soon. Jacob makes Joseph promise him that he will not be buried in Egypt but will be laid to rest with his forefathers in the tomb that Abraham purchased for Sarah in Canaan. Joseph keeps this promise. After his father has dies Joseph’s brothers are afraid that we will now take revenge on them so they send him word that his father’s last wishes were that Joseph should forgive them. Joseph is very sad that they have sent this message to him because, he already forgave them when they found him in Egypt. We can all understand their concern though, knowing how we would of responded to their evil actions it’s no wonder the brothers believed this forgiveness to be “to good to be true”.

The Lesson of Genesis

At this point in the history of man we know 3 things. The first being that man has failed and broken their relationship with God so they live in His presence no more. The second thing we know is who our enemy is or The Big Bad . Lastly we know that God is going to provide a way for our forgiveness even though we don’t deserve it, just like Joseph and his brothers. Joseph himself summarizes this in chapter 50 vs. 20

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being don, the saving of many lives…”

Our sin hurts God as it makes us His enemy but God will turn our evil for good drawing us back to Him through His son Jesus. Through Jesus many eternal lives will be saved and through Him our walk in the presence of God will finally be restored!




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