Easter 2017

This is the first Easter I’ve celebrated without a lot of family within shouting distance. It’s given me time to reflect on my life and my relationship with Christ. My faith is not as strong as it used be and my innocence isn’t what it once was either. My mind is just as dirty as anyone’s even if my body is still pure. I don’t pray in public unless it’s in a church setting and it’s getting harder to voice my beliefs.

I will never forget the end of eighth grade. I was with my middle school at a music competition. Getting off the bus I asked a group of friends if they would like to pray before we performed. This group turned into both our choir and our orchestra. It was amazing, it also took a lot more courage than I have now. So I find myself wondering why I’ve chickened out in my faith? If I truly believe that Jesus came, died, conquered death, and redeemed me then what have I to be afraid of and why am I so scared?

Some of this may be because I’ve been trying to walk the Christian walk on my own without God’s help. Another part is probably because I’ve been trying to do the same thing without people support.

This Easter I have two prayer requests from you that I will pray all of you receive too because I believe they are that important aside from salvation itself.

  1. that my faith would be strengthened
  2. for a friend who is seeking to follow God

God Bless You and have a very Happy Easter!!!

  • image fromĀ here

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