The Big Bad

Think of your favorite TV show. From week to week there is always a new “little” bad (guy or problem) to be solved. But, over the whole course of a season and sometimes a series you will always have “The Big Bad”. Because this character is so important to the rest of everything that goes on, I’m going to go back briefly to yesterday’s 15 min. reading to talk a little more about our Big Bad’s entrance onto the scene.

This happens in Chapter 3 of Genesis. Basically what happens is that Eve happens to be wandering by the tree that God told both her and Adam not to eat from. Satan is hanging out in this very tree in the form of a snake and calls out to her to ask a few well timed questions. His questions deceive Eve who then eats from the tree and gives some of the fruit to Adam so he can eat too. As a consequence of this disobedience to the one command God had for them, death enters the scene. No, Adam and Eve didn’t drop physically dead at that very moment. Yet, you begin to sense that something is very wrong spiritually. God comes down to walk with them in garden as He has always done and instead of joining Him they are hiding out of shame. Then they start placing blame on one another for the wrong that has been done. The man, woman, and snake are cursed then thrown out of the garden which also represents the presence of God.

It is not long after this that the actions of Cain and Abel ( Adam and Eve’s sons) play out. Now that the enemy has entered and humanity has been thrown out of the presence of God, you can’t just go to Him like in the garden. There is now a right way and a wrong way to approach God. You might miss it if your not looking really closely at the language of Chapter 4. So I’m going to do a quick comparison of the approaches Cain and Abel take when coming to God.

  • Abel was a shepherd / Cain was a farmer
  • Cain brought¬†some fruits of the soil as an offering to God / Abel brought fat portions from some of the¬†firstborn of his flock to offer God
  • God looked with favor on Abel’s sacrifice / He rejected Cain’s sacrifice

The interesting thing is that God sees Cain is angry and asks him why. He tells him that if does the right thing his he will be accepted too but if he does the wrong thing then the Big Bad is at his door and he needs to conquer it.

(paraphrasing and emphasis highly my own)

Cain doesn’t conquer the Big Bad, instead he kills Abel and is given a curse of his own.

This is the setting up of everything that comes after. We now have life and our purpose in it as created by God. We have death as introduced by man’s wrongdoing. We have the Big Bad otherwise known as Satan. The goal or objective of every character from here on out is to restore their relationship with God.

Day 2 {Genesis 5:3-10:4}

…and then he died. This is the entire description of 8 out of the 9 individuals who directly descended from creation before the flood. This description of their lives in the genealogy wouldn’t be important except for Enoch who walked with God 300 years having kids and living life, “then he was no more, because God took him away.” I have no idea what this means in full detail. However, it should be significant to us that what was different about Enoch’s life was that he walked with God and because of this he didn’t just get an… “and then he died.” He got something more.

By the time just before the flood humanity had completely failed in its goal to restore their relationship with God. They failed to the extent that God was sorry he ever made man at all! So He decided to hit the reset button and noticed that there was still one man left with his family who walked with God. This man was Noah. God told Noah what He planned to do and gave him directions to build the Ark. This Ark was God’s mercy extended to humanity for one more chance. The truly frightening thing would be from their perspective. Man had been living close to around 900 years old for generations, it took 1 year for God to wipe the slate clean with the flood leaving only one family left! In our time that would be like blinking only to realize when we opened our eyes that everyone and everything besides our closest relatives was gone forever…

At the end of the flood the earth dried out again and the family got off their ark on top of Mount Ararat. God placed the rainbow in the sky there as reminder of His promise that he would never destroy the earth again by water. Then He gives humanity all of the animals He’s created to them for food. Before this He’d only given the plants for food.

Life goes on for Noah, he plants a vineyard and ends up getting extremely drunk. Which leads to a scene where Noah is lying in his tent naked, blacked out drunk and his youngest son walks in on him. That son then goes out and tells his two older brothers about this. They go in with a blanket draped over their shoulders, walking backwards so they can’t see him in order to cover him up. Noah of course finds out what happened and curses his youngest son for what he did. Notably his youngest so is the forefather of the nation of Canaan where the people of Israel who were descendants of his older brother Shem would come to claim as their promised land. Otherwise this scene is incredibly odd in its portrayal here as far as life lessons go. So if you know something I don’t beyond drunkenness is bad that you have learned about these couple of verses please let me know. Chapter 10 starts in on another genealogy so I think that it would be best to finish that part in context and share it next time. If you have any questions or comments for this post don’t hesitate to share them. A lot happens in these first few chapters so if you want a better focus on a particular event I would be happy to help just leave those requests in the comments as well.

*the Bible translation used is NIV

*the image source is


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