God Lays Down The Law

God hands down the law to Moses and we talk about the reasons behind so many rules.

The Big Move

The Israelites are given freedom and riches but, will they have the faith to make it to Canaan?

Promised Forgiveness

Today we finish the last 5 chapters of Genesis and look to the future of Israel and the world.

The Dreamer

Day 8 We have finally come to my favorite Bible character and dreamer, Joseph!

Peace and War

Day 7 we are talking about the rape of Dinah and how her family responds to what’s been done to her.

Sibling Rivalry

Day 6: Genesis 25:12-30:43
Siblings can be the worst. These brothers take it to another level.

A New Generation

Day 5 in the daily 15 min. for a year series. and we are halfway through Genesis.